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About Us

Web Colleagues was founded by Preston Williams in 2001 in Tucson Arizona.

While working for a large Web marketing company, Preston realized that providing content for Web-based companies was one of the single most important marketing strategies Web-based companies could have. The best way to create content for Web-based companies was to create short articles about the companies and what they offered.

Preston created his own program on how to create content articles which created a higher Web presence for these companies. The problem is that he could only provide for a small amount of companies with his limited resources.

Preston then created Web Colleagues which concentrated on connecting companies with online article creators. With more and more companies coming aboard, the need for article creators was in high demand.

Today Web Colleagues has over 30,000 members and with this we can’t even put a dent in the content that is in demand. The problem is that there are millions of websites that are each requiring several articles daily. Even we had 1,000,000 members the demand for articles will still be plentiful.

This has created one of the best opportunities on the Internet and Web Colleagues is here to connect the article creators (you) with the millions of companies in need of this service.

We have created the best Work-From-Home Opportunity on the Web today. We are looking to expand our Colleagues to meet this growing demand, creating an opportunity for you today.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We have designed this program so we will never ask you for information such as your Social Security Number or any other personal information of that kind. Even our pay sources are secure third-party sources. So you can feel confident that all your personal information will be safe. For U.S. residents we will provide you with the means of protecting your personal identity for any online activities.

Most people that have discovered a way to make a living on the Internet are not willing to share their secrets with anyone. The ones that do always leave out the important part that actually makes it work. You will not see that as a WEB Colleague. 

Let us tell you why; we have been working with this program for over five years now, and we have not even begun to touch the tip of the iceberg. With all of the companies and job opportunities that are going to pay for home typing, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. The bottom line is, if you are serious about doing a work-from-home business, it is right in front of you now. If you meet the requirements, give this a shot before we are no longer offering this program to new members.