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Earn $$$ Writing Content Articles for Websites and Blogs!


Work-at-Home Typing Program

Web Colleagues offers a simple program — You Type Articles, You Get Paid!

From the desk of: Preston Williams


Are you still struggling to figure out how to make money online… hoping against hope that one day you’ll start making money at it? The truth is that YOU, just like 95% of the rest of the people wanting to make money online out there have never really been told the most effective and PROFITABLE way to go about your money making efforts. The secrets are left to those, who like some underground exclusive society, make all the money while everyone toils night and day with nothing to show for it.

So let me ask you something… how long have you been looking for a legitimate way to make money online?

Let me guess… long enough to have tried 2, 3 or even 4 different strategies or programs to make money online… only to experience little or no results. Am I right? Well, don’t get too down on yourself, because it has happened to the best of us. Even the “gurus” have been where you are, desperately seeking the golden ticket to online wealth and success. But the real question right now is, how long are you going to let it continue to happen?

Well, if you’re ready to stop it all right now… and start experiencing the results that you’ve heard so many others talking so much about… Then this could be the most important letter you’ve read in a long time.

You’re FINALLY Going to Get The Nitty-Gritty On Making Money Online

That’s right. You’re about to be handed a breakthrough program that’s guaranteed to transform your past failures and disappointments into nothing more than a distant memory of your life!

Heck, you’re about to be handed the keys to increasing the amount of revenue that you receive on a daily basis.. so that you can live the kind of life you deserve. What’s more, you’ll soon discover how to optimize this opportunity EXACTLY the way that can work around your own personal schedule!

And there’s this…

You will be working in an industry that is the fastest growing, and in most demand — Content Article Writing! Don’t believe me?

Do some research for yourself and you will see that this is the most legitimate way that the average person can earn big money working from home.

  This is the Real Deal!

Ok, I know that everything you’ve seen and heard so far sounds fine and dandy… and you’re probably wondering, “Why would anyone just give you all of this?”

To be completely honest, I’m doing this because I’ve been where you are right now. I know how it feels to try to become an online success, time and time again, only to experience little or no results.

I know how frustrating it can be to see and hear how everyone else around you is making money online while you on the other hand are still struggling to get started.

Unlike other marketers out there just trying to make a quick buck by offering products and services that they know darn well won’t help you, I truly want to see you succeed. And whether you’re completely new to this type of program or you’ve been in the game for a while and want to increase your earnings… I can help.

You see, I’m prepared to make a bold promise… that with the unique program I’m handing you today…

There’s Virtually No Way For You To Fail At Content Article Writing

Now just imagine yourself being able to get over the hump that has held you back for so long…

Picture yourself thriving with this new program reeling in $1,000, $5,000, $10,000+ in earnings each and every month, the same way to the others you have envied have done for years.

Think how those kind of numbers would drastically change your life.

And now that you have that thought in your mind—–keep it there—store it into your permanent memory—-because you’re going to be empowered with a step-by-step content article writing techniques that are guaranteed to provide you with those kind of results. Or you won’t pay a dime!

Now before I say another word, I want you to know what this is NOT…

checkmark It’s NOT some rehashed get-rich-quick scheme that everyone in the world has tried

checkmark It’s NOT some training filled with information that you already know or can be found for free on the internet

checkmark It’s NOT filled with content article writing strategies that set you up for failure

checkmark It’s NOT a training that tells you only half of what you need to know to be a complete success

With that out of the way… here’s more on what this IS…

checkmark This IS the one content article writing training that holds nothing back & flat out tells you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

checkmark  This IS the silver bullet that will take you to the next level of success… and that’s guaranteed.

Introducing Web Colleagues Complete Content Article Writing Program

Web Colleagues is divided into 3 content marketing job training modules and is the most advanced and complete content article writing and earnings-producing program on the market today. You’ll be handed all the insight, guidance, and resources you’ll ever need to have content article writing down to a sweet science! But I won’t just let you in and keep you hanging…

I’ll keep providing you with new and fresh information on content article writing, so you’ll always be on top of things when and if the markets and the search engines change their policies on articles.

This truly comprehensive resource takes you by the hand and guides you step-by step in simple to understand language how to INSTANTLY boost your revenue almost overnight.

Web Colleagues reveals the most effective ways to help you finally make money on the Internet… without spending a fortune in the process!

Here are the Main Content Article Job Programs Provided:


SEO Article Writing

One of the most steady flows of income will come from SEO Article Writing. We will provide detailed training on how to provide SEO articles for websites and businesses. Even if you have never written an article in your life, we will show you everything to create SEO content articles that will make you a great income providing the needed content.


Blog Writing

As a blog writer we have a few different opportunities in this module. You can write and post blogs directly for businesses, make posts to other people’s blogs, or write your own money-making blog. We show you EXACTLY! how to make the money the big blog writers are making with our easy to follow step-by-step training complete with support.


Article Revenue Sharing

Once you start creating articles for the SEO Content and Blog Writing opportunity, we will show you additional sources and opportunities to post your blog to hand picked forums and boards that will share advertising revenue. These sources have the traffic, but not the content so they are willing to give you a share of the ad revenue directly.

I realize that you may be a little overwhelmed by what is being presented. But there is finally a money-making program you can do sitting right in front of you… So let me spell it out a little clearer of what this program will offer:

You can access just moments from now where you’ll be handed in-depth training on…

checkmark An overview of what content article writing is all about

checkmark Secrets about article writing with tips and shortcuts that will save you time

checkmark How to properly structure your articles….from the introduction, body to the closing paragraph

checkmark Which types of articles are the most profitable

checkmark How to build credibility in ANY niche you choose… almost instantly!

checkmark How to set up blogs effectively and make profitable posts

checkmark Plagiarism detection to keep your articles original

checkmark Setting up article publishing accounts

checkmark The top article directories and distribution channels to submit your articles for the most revenue

checkmark Which companies you can work directly with (30,000 and counting)

checkmark Doing all of this while not needing to spend any additional money

And a whole lot more!

In fact, you’re about to get damn near everything you need to go from where you are right now into an overnight content article writing business success.

And let me add…

It doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience or have ever written an article in your life

It doesn’t matter if you’re a great typist or speller

It doesn’t matter what country you live in

It doesn’t matter if everything you’ve tried in the past has failed you miserably because…

That is what I am here for… to help you succeed no matter who you are!

Its Time to Create the Success You’ve Always Dreamed of Having!

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from, or where in the world you operate from… because content article writing can take you to the next level. It works to help build income dramatically.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or a newbie, Web Colleagues will help you be successful with content article writing.

Your newly acquired skills will help you increase your reach into markets all over the world. You’ll enjoy an increased number of prospects wanting you to create their articles, and attract attention from the right type of people online.

All of which points to higher revenues… and customers who repeatedly come back for more of what you have to offer. What’s more, content article writing doesn’t require a huge investment on your part.

It’s no wonder that smart marketers don’t want me sharing this secret you’re about to get your hands on! That is because they won’t be able to sell their garbage to you any more!

Are You Ready to Become A Successful Content Article Writer Now?

By embracing content article writing, there’s nowhere for your income to go but up. You’ll create wealth… all from the strategies shared in this program.

Look, if you know what it’s like to struggle, and you’re looking to the Internet as a way out of getting out of debt or to realize other dreams, content article writing could be the answer to your prayers.

There’s little risk involved and much to be gained by taking the plunge into content article writing today.

Web Colleagues CAN help you to overcome your problems quickly and easily… if you’re willing to take action.

Isn’t it time for you to have all the success you deserve? Simply take the next step of clicking the button below to join the members of Web Colleagues today.

From start to finish we will have your back as you go. Put all the secret hints, tips, and action plans into practice and see how quickly you scale the heights of content article writing success. And I don’t just want you to succeed… I want you to achieve spectacular success!

But… your dreams will not come true until you take your first step towards them. That’s why I want to reward you for taking take action.

And that’s why I going to make sure you are completely as ease with your investment. So I am going to take on all the risk… Not only that but I need to make you comfortable about your investment. I need to make sure you know that your money is not at risk. I want to give a chance to those who are willing to take action. So here it is…


I could easily charge over $500 for this program and after you see it in action you would think it was a bargain at that …but I’m not going to ask you to invest $500 in something that can make your financial problems disappear forever.

OK. I hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to unveil the savings you can take advantage of when you join Web Colleagues! today.


Order today for the low, low price of just…



Yes! I have read your Terms of Service and want to join our program.


This is a one-time fee with no monthly costs Digital delivery via secure member’s area. You’ll Receive Your your Login to Members Area Instantly Even If It’s 3:00 A.M!    


If you have any questions fee free to contact us at Support(at)


FAIR WARNING: If you click the order button and the price is already higher, it means you have missed the $37 price and we have already raised the price while you were reading this page.

Web Colleagues is perfect for everyone… all backgrounds, all levels of experience, and all ages. If you want to move on from just being a bored blogger, then you only have one choice, and that’s to move forward. Know that I’m behind you every step of the way.

You CAN turn this opportunity into a fortune! In fact, hundreds of men and women just like you have already experienced success – isn’t it time for YOUR success story?


Preston Williams

P.S. The decision you make right now could be the difference between succeeding… or failing. The guidance that you’ve wished, hoped and prayed for is finally within your reach. Imagine the freedom the extra income will bring to you… the time you’ll have to spend doing other more important things in life. Isn’t that something to look forward to… of course it is! Join Web Colleagues now and see for yourself!

P.P.S. This is truly a risk free way to change your life. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the information I have packed into this system, I’ll simply refund your purchase price – no questions asked and no hard feelings! Join Web Colleagues today!


Order today for the low, low price of just…



Yes! I have read your Terms of Service and want to join our program.



This is a one-time fee with no monthly costs Digital delivery via secure member’s area. You’ll Receive Your your Login to Members Area Instantly Even If It’s 3:00 A.M!